dinsdag 6 september 2011

STASH: Mac blushes

For the longest time I have not been a lover of blush at all. This was mainly due to my rosacea, meaning that my cheeks (and nose, forhead and chin... x_x) are plenty red naturally and I'm content when foundation manages to cover some of it.

Lately though I've noticed that I do like a gentle flush because it does shape my face slightly and it looks... healthy?

I do use blush these days, but unlike most, I do not apply it on the apples of my cheek and I steer clear of pinks. No need to emphasize the red bumps in the centre of my face. I do however apply colour closer to my ear, on the lower curve of my cheekbones (where the "rules" say bronzer belongs). I tend to go for peaches, oranges and bronzy browns.

The pink colours that you see in this stash post will end up in the blogsale that's imminent.

So I've got 8 blushes in all kinds of finishes. Let us examine closer. ;)

First off the sheertone blushes. In fact, the first two are Sheertone Shimmer blushes. But let's not nitpick.

On the left : Sunbasque. This is the newest one in my stash: only bought it a few weeks ago, on my trip to Nottingham. It's a dark peach colour with a gorgeous gold shimmer. It applies sheer but it's very buildable. This has been my go-to blush since I got it.

In the middle is Dollymix. Foolishly I believed every girl should have a standard hot pink blush in her stash. Dollymix, I was told, is a classic. Barbie pink with a nice shimmer. It's pretty, very pretty actually, but it doesn't suit me one bit.

The one on the right is Loverush. It's a darkened plummy red. I'm not normally big on reds or pinks but this turned out to be quite wearable. I have to apply it carefully and mustn't forget to tap the brush before brushing it on, but all things considered, it's beautiful. Guarantees a cute flush on a cold day.

Next up are my Frost Powder Blushes. These go higher on the cheekbones, so quite the opposite of what I described earlier. Their frost finish is just too shimmery to be used for shaping or that healthy flush I keep banging on about. However, they are both divine.

Style (left) is an orangey peach, Honour (right) is a very sparkly gold. Honour is great for highlighting. And you know by now, I do love my highlighters. ;)

Style is another classic, but one I love. It gives a trendy peach glow to your cheeks.

My Highland Honey (left) is a Satin finish Powder Blush. In colour, it's very close to style but it doesn't have the sparkle. Also, it applies more opaque. Love this one for that in-season orange cheek. This was released in Tartan Tale btw. Just saying. Looks like I bought nearly the entire collection. Temporary brain freeze or something... ^_^"

In the center is Band of Roses. It's a Mineralize Blush with a hot pink (top) and a plum (bottom) shade. It's another classic. Neither of them suits me unfortunately, nor does a blend of both. So it went in the blogsale box.

The right one is the much appraised Bite of an Apple, from the Vanomous Villains release. It's a Matte finish and it's very, very bright and opaque. The colour is coral as I've always imagined it, which is perfection but it's not easy to apply. I use a light hand and a facial blending brush, to make sure it doesn't give me clownface.

So anyway, swatches:

From left to right:

Sunbasque, Dollymix, Loverush, Style, Honour, My Highland Honey, Band of Roses, Bite of an Apple.

On my wishlist: a sheerer coral, a soft pink, a goldish brown.

Have you tried MAC blushes? Any recommendations?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie blushes! Ik vind Dainty en Peachykeen echte aanraders!

  2. Ohja, die zijn allebei inderdaad heel mooi. Vooral Dainty springt eruit voor mij.