zondag 18 september 2011

FAIL: ACW Sample

I love samples. What's not to like about buying something and then getting something EXTRA with it? Entirely free of charge! I just adore freebies. I can't help myself from squeeing when one of those cardboard blisters gets popped in my bag at a counter and a coo will happen upon opening a parcel, and there it is, an unexpected mini product. Brilliant.

Samples = win. Simple.

But not if you're taking the piss. WTF is this, ACW?

For reference, dear reader, that is a 2p coin. WTF, again.

I am less than impressed. If it had been, say, a lipbalm, I would've understood. Maybe. Actually, you never do get lipbalm samples, do you? But you'd have a gotten two or three uses out of it. It would've been ok.

But this is not a balm. It is Philosophy's famous shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath.

Can I use it?
As a shampoo, not so much. Perhaps to wash my fringe. I don't have a fringe. Or bangs. So no.
As a shower gel? I think this would get lost in my shower puff. Seriously, even if I made an effort and fluffed it up real good (like I do when I use soap blocks instead of gels), I don't think I'd be getting anything from this. So no, again.
And as a bubble bath? I'm not a freakin' smurf! No, no, no.

So, in conclusion, WTF?

Before I get nasty comments, I know it's a freebie. An extra that I might as well not have had at all. Gift horses and looking in their mouth, I know. But come on! This is... WTF.

What's the least impressive sample  you've ever received?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow that is tiny! I agree if it'd be something like a lip balm it wouldnt of been so bad! But yeah, wtf?! lol xx

  2. Ik had laatst net dezelfde free sample gekregen als deze die jij hier laat zien.
    Bij mij was het wel een bodylotion in plaats van shampoo.
    Maar het was echt teleurstellend, ik kon net 1 arm en misschien nog een halve insmeren.
    Maarja, als je het er gratis bij krijgt, mag je niet klagen zeker. :D